One Last Game

Year: 1239

civil war has ravaged the land of Aetheria, and a small group, consisting of a former knight of the northern island, an arcane school reject, and his prestigious but estranged uncle, find themselves caught in the middle of it.

Together, they are faced with heroism as well as unspeakable acts on both sides of the conflict. What’s more, an unknown being calling himself “The Jester” is forcing them to pick favorites. This ragtag group could hold in their hands the power to end this war, peacefully or otherwise. The lives of many rest on their shoulders.

When a plan went awry, and Matau betrayed the resistance, Alex’s life was lost in the crossfire. Now, two new members have joined their cause. One ancient Samsaran, who has been given the name Lynn, and a mannerless monk named Eli.

Act I
Act II
Act IV
Act V
Act VI
Act IX
Act X
Current members
Matau Ing’um Iroh Ing’um Lynn Eli Feldbergstein
The Blood Mage The Dragon of the West The Crystal Maiden The Rude Monk
Former/Deceased Members
Sir Alexander Morgrym Bofur
The Northern Knight The Imperial Keg-stander

One Last Game

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