Coraline Airalin

“Bravery is only a word. You need to express it with feeling and with a goal, never looking down into the past and letting you stay in the same level you are in. That is why I have a sword, to show my bravery, that is why I fight.”

Player: Crazy_Tiki
Game System: D&D 4E
Born: ??? (Age 27)


Born as the third sister in the Royal Family. She was the one mostly interested in fighting. She picked up a sword off the wall during her 5th birthday, and tried to lift it. Ever since that day, she wanted to train to be able to pick up it and use it. Reading books and stories about warriors from distant lands had inspired her interest’s even more. to the point of her wanting a teacher to try to learn from. Her family didn’t see anything wrong with it, and decided to get her a teacher.
Her sisters didn’t bother her, but only asked her about the training. She would usually break up fights between Nakisha and the other sisters for she had admired Nakisha’s confidence and strength for the longest time.

As time passed, and she has grown to be a young adult. She had enough training, she could finally hold a sword with no issue and actually fight, but that wasn’t the end. She began going into tournaments, of sword fighting and jousting. Her mother was afraid of this, but she knew Coraline‚Äôs confidence from the start. So allowed her to pursue her so called goal in life. While Nakisha was participating in small archery competitions in cities. Coraline, became a huge competitor for the fighters. It all came to an end when she had a huge accident during a Jousting Tournament. Her lance had slipped of her hand. With not enough time to react; she was struck. The other knight had hit her with lance. Coraline fell of her horse and blacked out. Only to see weird visions and images that began to frighten her to this day. People being torn apart, a massive cloud that breathed fire, and evil leaking out like dark water of her beloved home. As then she began to gain her self back into the real world. She awoke to the cheering of the crowd, being carried out by crew. After a long rest and she headed back home.

Wondering about of what she saw, was it real? Or was it just from the impact? Questions began to rise. Coraline had shared her problem privately with Nakisha. With a surprise, Nakisha told her, that if she was afraid, she had to face it. Coraline agreed and left Nakisha in peace. After two weeks have passed, she strapped her royal armor on and picked up her sword. She immediately left to join the army and fight.


She is a human. With short blond hair and brown eyes. She is young being the third oldest sister. She always keeps a good posture but has problems holding a shield of her injuries. Strong and a good leader, one of the reason’s she has her own private army “The Gilded Swords”


She was seen last time fighting and resisting forces in near the Bishk Empire. She helped Richard J. Buckles save most of the dragons that has been trapped and hunted in the Bishk Empire.

Coraline Airalin

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