Jade Serket

“You bring me the goods, and I turn ’em into money”

Player: Iron_Tiki
Game System: Pathfinder
Born: 1222 (age 29)
Theme Song


Jade Serket is a fence living in Gootham. She traffics illegal and stolen goods for personal profit.
She has recently met a Thief named Mersh, who she thinks is a bit strange, but better company than most of the people who come to visit her.

When Jade was learning to gunslinger’s craft, she misfired a flintlock pistol, and it exploded in her face. Now, she has only one eye, and wears an eye patch to cover up the hole. She is also missing her left arm, but it has since been replaced with the mechanical arm of a Warforged construct. She wears a filthy gray corduroy jacket with sleeves that aren’t quite long enough. Under that, she conceals a pair of shoulder holsters to carry her twin revolvers. Her hair is long, black, and matted, and her eye is dark blue.


In the aftermath of Mersh’s return to Gootham, Serket found that he had taken the family Opal and returned it to its rightful owner, leaving Serket with no loot and a price on her head for killing the merchant Tavros DeSica. She fled Gootham, and journeyed to Ontas to work as a slave driver deep within the mines.

After The Tiki Company re-assembled, they journeyed to Ontas and found her in charge of the enslaved family of Albion Halberg. The Company defeated her, and Mersh decided to give her a second chance, allowing her to leave once again to turn her life around. Her whereabouts are now unknown.

Jade Serket

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