Richard J. Buckles

The Yantar War Veteran


“Son, I watched my buddies die face-down in the muck back in ’tar just so you could enjoy that there steak sandwich.”
Born: 1206 (Age 45)
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Sgt. Richard J. Buckles is a surviving veteran from the Yantar war. He led a relaxed and fulfilling life in Fort Renwick until his father Hank J. Trogdor forced him to join the war effort. He saw his best friends murdered during his service, and though he never honed his combat skills to the fullest potential or became strong enough to be a one-man army, he remained a competent leader.

Buck talks with a southern accent, which is characteristic of that area of Austrail. His family was one of the only Dragonborn families in the area, and as such, his parents stuck together rather than following the Dragonborn tradition of leaving the children with their corresponding guardians and going their separate ways.

When the war was over, he was taken off duty, but was a changed man. He eventually left his home and decided to start a new life in Gootham, for a number of reasons. He ended up roaming the streets in search of work and was eventually taken in as a Blacksmith’s apprentice. From there, he learned much and led a proud and personable life up to age 40. Eventually, he learned enough to start his own smithing business, and using a special magic hammer given to him by his teacher, he forged high-quality weapons for the Gootham city guards.

That was until a thief named Mersh arrived and stole his hammer. Buck saw him leaving the shop, but wasn’t fast enough to catch him. He’s held a grudge against the young thief ever since.

Curly’s Campaign

Buck was at a pub one night when The Tiki Company happened to enter. At once he recognized Mersh as the thief that stole his hammer, and seized him while shouting to the bartender to alert the authorities. Mersh was hauled off to Jail to be tried for Murder, Theft, Arson, and Impersonation. Apparently he had quite a history with the town guard.

The court ruled that The Tiki Company was a trustworthy adventuring company, mostly due to their clean eradication of the necromancer Dave Paolini. Mersh himself, however, was not. The Goothonian guard ruled that Buck could take control of The Tiki Company and lead them on a special task. It was up to him what to do with Mersh.

Buck agreed, and The Tiki Company emerged victorious in their work in Winterhaven. Buck grew close to the group of adventurers, and Tibles offered him a permanent position in the Company. He gladly accepted, and the company rode to its next adventure.

Crazy’s Campaign

The group was taken far north, to the upper islands of Feramorrah. They were to serve Lavanda in its time of need. The Tiki Company accepted, and led a long and epic campaign against Captain Krogan and the Bishkan empire, during which Buck became the captain of his own vessel, the S.S. Peggy. They emerged victorious, but not without significant casualties; Buck’s ship is now at rest at the bottom of the ocean, and Borris Hans Gruber is resting with her.

In the aftermath, Buck decided to take up a term of military service in Lavanda to honor his fallen comrade Jackson Volkin. The rest of The Tiki Company went their own separate ways. Buck still keeps in touch with Tibles, but their friendship has faded over two years apart.

Richard J. Buckles

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