The Prince Slayer


“The shadows close on me. Those are my sheets I sleep in, the comfort of ones mind. A shadow.”
Player: Crazy_Tiki
Game System: Pathfinder


Early Life

A poorly raised boy in the village of Rindenhelm. Where had had lost his parents due to Orcs attacking the villagers. Escaping with little survivors. He was raised the rest of his childhood by monks in the mountains. Later on moving on to the big flourishing city of Gootham. He began to enjoy his city life as a messenger and a thief. Since nothing else could fill his pockets. He was caught by Luc Beckard, a greedy merchant. Debating to report Mersh, he saw that the kid had talent and gave him shelter. For a price.With Luc Beckard, he had reached the ranks of the Black List, and was wanted with the highest bounty. As he carried out his deeds and contracts for him. Not only was stealing was his brother, but assassination was another cousin of his.

Bucks hammer, Tible’s belt, Nakisha’s Satchel and Duran Duran’s helm all lead to a great friendship’s of his. Mersh tends to not get touchy on the subject of ones feelings towards people. As being a contracted thief. Such feelings may get in the way of work.

Pre Tinker Man

“As the city grows. So does it’s shadow.”

After finishing his work for Luc. Mersh had his satchel stolen in a crowd near a market. After seeing a gal running away with it, he followed in pursuit. Following her down to the sewers. Close to the Crimson Triods territory. He caught her. Finding out that her name was Mies, who had been hiding in the sewer system of Gootham for shelter. With no family and no home, she started thieving. Mersh saw his own reflection in her. He gracefully gave her a place to stay. In a church clock tower in the northern quadrant of the city. As also finding her a job as a flower girl.

During these events. The streets began to be unsafe at night for pedestrians, thugs and even the city watch. Rumors had spread of something dark leaking in the city. The Lighters cult had spread the news of a hag that lurked the tunnels of the city. Mersh being a night owl, had no choice but to investigate. Talking to his fences and employers about the news. Not much information was told. As more news of people disappearing became a serious concern. Luc had then gave him a task of tracking this hag and killing her, for it hurting his businesses. Having a plan of using Mies as bait and striking her from behind. Mersh did just that. Having baited the hag, and before she could hurt Mies. He had struck her and slit her throat. Mies was shocked of what had happened as Mersh calmed her down. He let her know this would be the last time he would use her.

Successfully defeating the hag. He was off the contract for Luc and became independent. Realizing that he was free, he looted Luc’s mansion and his store as a celebration for his loyal service. Luc was outraged. Mersh had brought most of his artifacts back to their original places, and got accepted to the Lighter’s Cult. As of these events, Mersh and Mies became close.

The Tinker Man

“Not only can I hear you, but I am also always behind you – Tinker Man.”

Working now for the Lighter Cult. He was finishing off a delivering service, w hen Lucs thugs had sprung on him and left him fatally wounded. Luc had stabbed Mersh and left a mark on his arm with a dagger. The Mark of Lith. A few Lighter Cult members found Mersh, and healed him back to a stable state. Awoken by the sound of Mies words. She was happy to him live. The Lighters were not pleased with Luc’s actions and left him with a warning.

Dawning of The Prince Slayer

Mersh had awoken in a bed of an inn in the darkness. It appeared that he had survived the fetal blow of the The Tinker Man. As the Chalice Brothers had saved him. They informed him that they had lost the trail of The Tinker Man, who had left a body count behind as well. Mersh asked about Mies and was given no answer. The silence fell on Mershs nerves as he demanded to know, as one of the Chalice Brothers told him. That she was found dead, without a face. The news did not comfort Mersh as nor did it settle either.

He never opened up to the fact that The Tinker Man had left. He stopped at nothing. Knowing that Mies death was laying on his shoulders. He wanted revenge, as he went deep into the cities thugs and cults to find out more. The news had then led the Prince. Prince Nathtine was the air to the throne. It was said that it was rumored he had worked for the Tinker Man. A rumour for Mersh better the nothing.

Endless days and nights, he stalked the Prince. Finding out his wicked trades and how he spend more time in the brothels then his castle. The king, his father. Didn’t know about this. As he got to know the Prince more, he started to ear out his master plan. To kill the king. He wanted to be crowned to the throne. Have the power to chance the city. Mersh knowing that if he did work for the Tinker Man, then this was still a no go. Mersh had to stop it.

On the night of his plan. Mersh had sneaked into the castle and waited in the Kings Chamber. Where they showed up. As the prince drew the knife, Mersh had slit his throat. The king was in horror and saw Mersh’s face. Without hesitation, he called the guards. Mersh had outwitted them but the city was on high alert. He had to get out, he said his goodbeys to most of his friends including Nakisha. He departed with Tibles away from the reached place he called home.


After the death of Coheed. Mersh was arrested by the Goothams army and taken the smallest cell of the royal prison. There he is currently, locked up in the darkness.


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