Timeline of Events

The following is a timeline of events in the world of Feramorrah.

14791 BCE

  • Ashan discovered by settlers from Aethereia.

0 CE

  • Fall of Bael Turath Empire

1186 CE

1224 CE

  • Yantar War

1239 CE

1240 CE

1245 CE

  • Tibles and Mersh start working for The Tiki Pub

1246 CE

1249 CE

  • Artorshade is destroyed by Lord Dave Paolini. The Tiki Company defeats him.
  • Winterhaven falls into dire straits, and The Tiki Company saves the day.
  • The Tiki Company journeys to Lavanda to defeat Captain Krogan and end the Bishkan war.
  • The Tiki Company disbands.
  • The events of The Black Dragon Company take place. (About 3 weeks after The Tiki Company defeated Kalarlel.)
  • The events of The College of the Companion’s Brotherhood Guild take place.

1250 CE

  • Mersh is caught by the king; spends the year in Valhaz Prison.
  • Tibles goes into hiding, from the assassin Alexis Machine.
  • Peregrine’s son, Belkar, is born.
  • Belarin Vladislaus journeys to Ontas, and discovers his past.
  • Buck joins the Lavandan military, and fights in the Bishkan war.

1251 CE

  • The Tiki Company is reformed. They lead a campaign against The Illusive Man, Coheed Jones.

1664 CE

Timeline of Events

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