The Tiki Company

The Chronicles of The Tiki Company
Arc I – Humble Beginnings
The First Arc
Arc II – Trouble in Winterhaven
The Second Arc
Fool of a Toque!
The Trial of Mersh
Journey into the Deep
Further into the Depths
Farewell Duran-Duran
Wandering into Winterhaven
So Much to Do, So Little Time
Killin’ Some Kobolds
Payment and Passage
The Impassable Door
The Wasteland of Winterhaven
The Calm Before the Storm
The Final Battle and A Narrow Escape
Wandering out of Winterhaven
Arc III – The Bishkan War
The Third Arc
The Call to Duty
The Empress of Lavanda
Entering Dweller’s Isle
The Pitfalls of Dweller’s Isle
Treasure and Traps
Goddamn Spiders
Then There Were Three
The Cursed Crystal Sword
The Monsoon
Battle in the Sky
The End
Where’s Buck?
Oh, There he is…
Spiders, Loot, and Rogues, Oh my!
Arc IV – The Illusive Man
As the Phoenix from the Ashes
A Halfling’s Journey
The First Foray
Familiar Faces
Danger on the High Seas
Tooth and Claw
We Drop the Ball
One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall
Ontas, the Armpit of Ashen

Current Members

Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan
The Wandering Wizard

Richard J. Buckles
The Yantar War Veteran

Peregrine Toque
The stone-willed halfling

Albion Halberg
The Oread Pit-Fighter

Moira Magee
The silver-tongued wanderer

The Prince Slayer

Former Members

The Dwarven Weapon Master

Teresa Keynes
The Diplomatic Bard

The Fallen Cleric

Borris Hans Gruber
The Manly Barbarian Goliath

Misc Articles

The Tiki Company

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