Deceased Characters

This section is for characters that are dead for good. Final bosses and underlings from past campaigns mostly.

Lord Dave Paolini

The Necrotic Mastermind


It’s unknown what Paolini did before his influence spread to Artorshade, but The Tiki Company brought an end to his rein of terror. Or so they think. He also hates his name, and forces his minions to address him as Lord Paolini.


Dark servant of Orcus


While much of this mysterious figure’s past is unknown, Kalarlel is a servant of the great and malevolent Lord Orcus and plotted to release his master and his minions of darkness from the Shadowfell onto the world, bringing about its end. He brought Ogden Sadric under his control. He had several servants as well, Nirnaran and Thomas Keeper.

Throughout his plot to release Orcus from the Shadowfell, he was constantly thwarted by the Tiki Company, and while initially he took no notice they began to cause great interruptions into his plots, and sought their end. With all his attempts to destroy the Tiki Company failed, Kalarlel confronts the Company in the final chamber in the Keep on the Shadowfell, where his plans to summon forth Orcus almost complete. He made his last stand against the Tiki Company in a pool of blood, where at last he fell and his body taken into the portal to the Shadowfell.


An Elven Ranger who worshipped Orcus


While her history and childhood is a mystery to the Tiki Company, Nirnaran deceived the Tiki Company into pursuing the destruction of the Kobolds and misled them with tales of a Death Cult in league with the Kobolds. As a servant of Kalarlel, she was charged with the destruction of Winterhaven, and the conversion of the townsfolk into an undead legion made with the intent of the destruction of the Tiki Company.

She encounter Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan and Peregrine Toque as they returned to Winterhaven in search of Valthrun, and while she agreed to let them go on their way away from Winterhaven, she eventually led a small group of the undead to destroy the powerful duo. She ultimately met her doom, however, and the hand of Tibles and Peregrine, and with her death the deaths of the people of Winterhaven were avenged.


The mighty magician of Winterhaven.


The mighty wizard who lives in a Tower in Winterhaven, Valthrun is very wise and powerful, having earned the respect of the townsfolk of Winterhaven, and encountered the Tiki Company during their travels through the small town, completing the task set before them by the Goothonium Government.

A great source of information for the Company, Valthrun helps to explain to the Company what perils await them on the road they face, and his powers impressed even Tibles, who was eager for their task to finish so he could apprentice under the mighty wizard.

Sadly, Valthrun met his end in the Goblin Keep of Winterhaven, conjuring all of his power to open the way for the Company, and in doing so, drained all of his life energy. He later appeared in Buck’s vision as a friend that coaxed Buck into signing a Fey Pact, and later vanished in the form of an Eladrin. What role Valthrun may play in the future adventures of the Tiki Company, none can say…


An elven highwayman, controlled by a Necromancer.


Vladmir grew up in Hephan; a small village of elves. He began a career as a Highwayman fairly early in his life, traveling with a group of friends and demanding money from caravaners. His group was wiped out by The Tiki Company, and he was sent to spread the word.
Vladmir fell under the control of Lord Paolini when he fled, and was turned into a pawn for the necromancer’s will. He attempted to fight The Tiki Company, and met his final end in the necropolis below Artorshade.

Borris Hans Gruber

Manly barbarian Goliath


Borris grew up in a Goliath mountain town south of winterhaven. From a young age he was put in the ring of combat to do battle in an arena environment. His father Mel, was the battle CO of their village, and as a result Borris learned to fight in open combat, and how to survive in hostile environments for extended periods of time. On his 17th birthday he was put into the military and fought in battles against other Dwarven and Kobald clans. As acustom to Borris’ clan on ones 25th birthday he would be forced to go live the trials of the world for a 5 year period, if he survived he could return to the clan and raise a family. In the year since he left he’s traveled around ashen aimlessly looking for some companionship.

He joined The Tiki Company, and fought alongside them during their campaign in Lavanda. He was slain during the final battle.

Tavros DeSica

The head-honcho of DeSica’s Outfitting Co.


Tavros DeSica is a merchant crime lord who lives in Gootham. He runs a general store called DeSica’s Outfitting & Co, and employs many thieves and assassins to get his dirty work done. Among the men he has hired in the past are Mersh, Alexis Machine, and George and Henry. His motives are unknown, but his latest exploit involved sending Mersh to retrieve a large, egg-shaped opal from the James family’s vault, for undisclosed reasons.

After a disagreement, he formed a truce with Mersh, and is no longer employing him for his Dirty work. The opal was, however, sold to him in the end by a fence named Jade Serket.

Jackson Volkin

“I might be weak and sometimes cold, but I have my trusty shield to keep me warm.”


“This is my shield. It’s big and strong. For it will fill my only hope, to let no enemy pass these symbols of the Empire. To let us stand and let them hear our marching order, for we are the Defenders of our Empire. The shield itself is my land and my family. For I shall protect it with desire. As I shall stop our foes to the very end. For myself, for Lavanda and for the glory of the Empire. Long live Empress Kataline.!” The only song that he would be singing for his years in the army. And the only one that will inspire him to keep serving.

In his young age, his family was poor, but all his bloodline is a bloody one, with every one of his fathers dying in the heat of battle in major wars. As then he began stealing and became a small thief in the town they use to live in. Until the army kicked down the door and began taking older children to fight. “It’s our duty” they all said, and then Jackson was taken away. Trained under strict orders and the most harmful weather conditions. They split all the men up into groups. Jackson was put into the Defender class and was given his best friend. His shield, the only thing he will stare at besides the men that stood by him, for his army life.

Things began to change in the Empire, since the death of the Empress Floria the Third, a new one has taken the thrown. Jackson, didn’t blink an eye, before he was sent back home, to his town. Yet, greetings weren’t very warm full but at least he was home. That didn’t mean he was a free man, he was still part of the Imperial Army. So he had to go when it is time, and that time came short to him, when he was ordered to be put into the 32nd Regiment. From there he spent his few months patrolling the docks.

Recently he was moved into a combat platoon, and was sent on a mission. Jackson became frightened that he would die and loss everything because of this mission, but it was too late. The curse, the killings, and blood. It came into his eyes and there he stood in front of the dead men who didn’t survive. And he could do is stare and sigh, pick up his heavy shield and keep on fighting. Yet, he started to turn into a ghoul, until a dragon born came along his path. Richard J. Buckles. Who helped Jackson free his curse. He gave him hope of survival, and there he stood by Bucks side, till the end of what will come.

And unfortunately, the end did come for Jackson. He was slain by the Biskhan army while The Tiki Company was escaping the island prison.

Deceased Characters

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