The Tiki Company's Epic adventure Great Job!

The First Arc
Konrad's DM session.

This is a really quick no-detail summary of everything that happened during our first adventures. It’s sort of sloppy but I guess it serves its purpose.
If I missed anything, feel free to add it.

1. Prologue
Starting party:
Marcellius, Mersh, Duran-Duran , and Tibles.
One day, some guy named Ogden Sadric comes in and offers to pay them to find his caravan full of trade goods.
They accept, find the caravan, meet a dragon, and have a roaring good time.
But when they came back, they found their entire town had been burned to pieces.

2. The Road to Riverbend
They search the ruins of Artorshade, and find the sole survivor of the tragedy, Teresa the Barmaid, who had been working for them the last few months. She’s dazed, but very much alive.
After a short rest, she says that Ogden left shortly before the attack, and she didn’t see where he went. She advises them to go to Riverbend, since that’s where they’re most likely to find assistance.

On the way there, they meet a group of Elven highwaymen. They had a blockade set up, and demanded money for the Tiki Company’s crossing. Marcellius had the brilliant idea to trade Duran, the Dwarf, for passage. The Elves accepted, and put Duran to work building a small hut just out of sight from the road.

A few hours later, The Tiki Company came back to sneak Duran out, which simply ended in a fight.
All the elves were murdered, save for one by the name of Vladmir. Mersh told Vladmir to spread the word that The Tiki Company was out for revenge, and would stop at nothing to get what they wanted. Vladmir fled.

With this victory, The Tiki Company had gained a caravan and a horse, and merrily arrived in Riverbend by evening.

3. Riverbend
The group bought some supplies, and went into an Inn to rent a room. To their surprise, Ogden was there, enjoying a book. Mersh addressed him, and a fight broke out. Ogden was knocked unconscious and, after much interrogation, revealed that he had been offered immense power and wealth if he got The Tiki Company to leave town. He suspects there was necromancy involved.

They plan to head back to Artorshade the next day, and get to the bottom of this.

4. The Tomb of Grigori Fawkes
Arriving in Artorshade, The Tiki Company finds multiple funeral services running, and a group of private investigators, lead by a Tiefling named Artemis. They have a chat, and Artemis offers to help them if they can find an artifact called the “Eye of the Tree root.” It is said that the eye reveal every aspect of the user’s surroundings to him, within a one-mile radius. The Tiki Company accepts, leaving the caravan and Ogden in Artemis’s hands.

They set off for the Tomb of Grigori Fawkes, which was the final resting place of the eye.
Fighting their way through the goblins and other creatures that inhabited it, they find some good loot, and a new companion, named Peregrine.

At the end of the chamber, they meet a familiar face; Vladmir the Elf was also after the eye, claiming that the destruction that had befallen Artorshade had now fallen upon Hephan, his home town.

They form a bargain, and Vladmir leaves empty-handed. Prize in hand, The Tiki Company decides to take a short rest.

Mersh isn’t happy with this, so for some reason, he steals the eye of the tree root from his party, and leaves to give it to Artemis. Then he sets off for Gootham, to right the wrongs of his past.

On his way back, he meets a traveler named Kiana, and has a chat with her. She convinces him to rejoin his friends, and leave the revenge for another day.

5. Under Artorshade
When The Tiki Company arrives back in Artorshade, Ogden has disappeared, and Artemis gives them an account of what happened. Apparently he burned through the ropes and teleported away.

With the Eye, Artemis attempts to get a clear picture of the underground, but is blocked by a magical barrier. He tells The Tiki Company that he will keep trying, and they can take a rest before attempting to enter the underground.

In the morning, they are awoken by the sounds of an inbound army. They all take hiding spots as a Necromancer and an army of Zombies open up the earth, and descend into its depths. They then dungeon-crawl down to the bottom, being joined halfway through by Mersh, and arrive outside the Necromancer’s chamber.

Vladmir awaits them outside, and reveals that he has been under the Necromancer’s (Lord Paolini’s) rule since the roadblock incident. He also informs the group that they don’t have a chance of defeating Lord Paolini, as he is about to become immortal.

There is an epic mini boss fight. Duran is about to deal the killing blow to Vladmir, but Peregrine wants him alive to give more information about the Necromancer. Duran doesn’t listen; he brings his halberd down on Vladmir, and Peregrine jumps in the way, getting chopped clean in half. With Peregrine now dead, the group seems to fall apart. Duran decides he will avenge Peregrine’s death by taking his own life. Teresa urges him to fight.

6. The Great Chamber
Apparently the Necromancer wanted to destroy Artorshade so that he could access the long-forgotten tomb of an Asmodeous disciple, and gain the power held within. As The Tiki Company enters the great chamber, Lord Paolini is just finishing his ritual, and has been transformed into a Lich.

(epic boss fight stuff here)

After the fight, Tibles reads Paolini’s ritual book, and realizes that they must destroy the Necromancer’s Phylactery. Everyone exits the dungeon, and Artemis congratulates them on a job well done. They then head straight to bed.

In the morning, Teresa gets up, and informs the group that she is going on her own path. She says half-hearted goodbyes and leaves to the North. The Tiki Company gets packed up, says goodbye to Artemis, and heads south to Gootham. They make a stop in Osguard to buy ritual scrolls to help revive Peregrine.

The Second Arc
Curly's DM session

1. Adventure in Osgard
Current Party:
Duran-Duran, Marcellius, Mersh, Tibles, Peregrine Toque

As our heroes approach the entrance to the mountain city of Osguard, they are stopped by a pair of Dwarven guards whom, after some persuasion from Duran, allow the group into the city only to discover the city had greatly changed since Duran’s last visit.

The city had been reduced to a place of poverty and crime on lower levels followed by a higher class monarchy on different levels of the city. After sending away a dwarven prostitute, the party heads to a potion’s shop on the lowest level of the city in hopes of procuring a Potion of Life to revive Peregrine, and after obtaining one for a suspiciously low price, head to the upper levels to purchase a scroll of revival for a fail-safe and a Dispel scroll to be rid of the Lord Paolini once and for all by destroying the seal on his Phylactery.

With potion and scrolls in hand, the group leaves the failing city behind on look onto the horizon towards Gootham, and with the Potion of Life failed, Tibles begins the process of reading the Scroll of Life to bring Peregrine back to life only for a demonic essence to possess Peregrine’s body and fall to the floor of the caravan limp.

Fool of a Toque!
Part 2 in Curly's Campaign

As the halberd came down upon the body of Peregrine Toque, he soon knew no more and found himself wandering amongst the darkness and awoke, finding himself lying on the floor of a damp cave, hearing water running in the distance. As the confused halfling rose to his feet, a voice echoed throughout the cave: “Peregrine Toque! Come, and face yourself!”

As Peregrine advanced into the cave, white wisps of smoke trailed off from his body, and was soon encountered with the three aspects of himself his “remedies” had cured his from. He was soon confronted with his Doubting Self, his Fearing Self, and his Anxiety Self, the three parts of his personality he buried through his drug addictions. He soon vanquished two of his three foes, but as each faded, the third became more powerful. Pushed to his limits, Peregrine struggled against this fearsome foe. How does one overcome himself? Peregrine solved this riddle, and in one final attack, he banished the demonic version of himself into the swirling spirit tornado behind him, and sent him plummeting into the Void.

His battle won, Peregrine began to hear the distant voice of Tibles calling out to him, and as the light enveloped him, Peregrine returned to the land of the living.

The Trial of Mersh
Part 3 in Curly's Campaign

Upon entering the gates of Gootham, our heroes were overcome with joy as Peregrine slowly returned to consciousness. After their reunion, the group wandered around town for awhile, and after a visit to the ritual’s shop and an odd store here and there, the group was hailed down by a priest from the local monastery by the name of New-Brooklyn York who was in dire need of their help.

Apparently, a horde of undead monsters had appeared in the under-croft of the monastery and the panicked saint begged for them to go and eliminate the undead scourge from his monastery. Agreeing to do so the next day due to weariness from their travels, the group heads to a nearby tavern only to encounter a dragonborn warlord by name of Richard J. Buckles, whom, upon recognizing Mersh, summons the city guard to arrest him.

After a discussion with the remainder of the group, Buckles (going by name of “Buck”) and sharing introductions, Buck leaves for his house and agrees to meet with the group of adventurers at the light of dawn the next day before Mersh’s trial.

Early the next day, the party, along with Buck, head for the courthouse to defend Mersh against the prosecution and upon entering take their place at the prosecution table and notice a rather dark and cloaked figure at the back of the courtroom. Originally sent to death, Marcellius along with Peregrine, are able to convince the honorable judge to allow Mersh to live under the promise to look into a disturbance in the Arcane Tower and with the choice to aid New-Brooklyn York (nicknamed “Baldy” by Buck) with his problem in the under-croft under the watchful eye of Buck.

Journey into the Deep
Part 4 in Curly's Campaign

Updated Party:
Duran-Duran, Marcellius, Mersh, Tibles, Richard J. Buckles, Peregrine Toque (alive)

Following the conclusion to Mersh’s trial, Buck took the group back to his house and wanted to test their skills to see what he had to work with. He hung a dummy clad in armor and watched as each member of the Tiki Company took their swings at it. He was impressed with the power displayed by Peregrine and Duran, frankly unimpressed with the futility of Mersh, only deepening his hatred of the half-elven rogue, and was rather confused by the powers shown by Marcellius and Tibles, not understanding the powers of the arcane and divine, but respected this art that he did not understand.

The group decided it best to aid New-Brooklyn York and his dilemma in the under-croft and dove into the deeps of the monastery of Bahamut, and after slaying all undead that lay before them, hordes of skeletons, zombies, and a terrifying four-armed skeleton wielding a scimitar in each hand, found themselves at the very depths of the monastery.

There they found a skull lord, and old servant of Bahamut who fought in his name who was returned to this world as the undead by pure mistake. After exchanging words with Buck and Tibles, he attacked Buck with a powerful ice attack, which soon led to the whole party charging in for battle. After a long, enduring battle, the skull lord was soon left with one head remaining and found himself surrounded by the company and with some parting words from Buck, was defeated and returned to the world of the dead.

On his tomb was found a powerful ancient sword embed with ancient, powerful magics that made it impossible for any of the party, save Buck to wield, and even with his dragonborn strength cannot wield fully. With sword in hand, the party prepares to journey further into the bowels of the under-croft, ready for any new challenges that they may find.

Further into the Depths
Part 5 in Curly's Campaign

With the Skull Lord defeated and the undead plague vanquished, the Company prepared to take their leave, but as the began to depart, a second tunnel came into view branching leading further underground. As they ventured deeper into the tunnel system, it became apparent they were traveling through the underground sewer system of Gootham. Further and further they went, until the party came upon an abandoned campsite, and as Mersh went forwards to investigate, he was sent plummeting into a pitfall filled with a mysterious liquid.

Rushing to his aid, Buck lowered a rope to pull his hated companion out of the pit and as Tibles shed some light as to the bottom of the pit, it was revealed that the mysterious liquid was a man-eating Gelatinous Cube, which had engulfed Mersh and began the slow process of digesting the half-elf. As the others did their best to destroy the Gelatinous monster, Mersh struggled to maintain his grip on his only chance for survival, Buck was finally able to muster the strength needed to pull Mersh out of the pit in the nick of time. Its prey escaped, and hanging to life by a thread, the Gelatinous Cube escaped into the tunnels, and with their companion safe, the Company readily agrees to not pursue the monster for fear of what else may be sleeping in the deep.

After a bridge crossing and a little more adventuring, the Company at last came upon the end of the tunnel network and found pinned to the dungeon wall a note. The note read not to follow the writer of the note, who somehow knew who Buck was, and that it was he who awoke the undead of Bahamut’s Cathedral, signed by a mysterious O. S. Their adventure finally completed, the Tiki Company left the under-croft and returned to the surface to complete the task set before them.

Farewell Duran-Duran
Part 6 in Curly's Campaign

Upon exiting the under-croft, the Tiki Company was greeted by New-Brooklyn York and told a reward would be given to one of them at the altar. As they prayed to the great dragon king Bahamut, Marcellius was given new found power from the deity, and after parting from the Cathedral, the party returned to Buck’s store and spent the night. While the others still slept, Buck along with Marcellius and Mersh purchased some items and equipment that would prove to be useful in the future.

After returning, Buck gathered up the rest of the company and they then made way for the Arcane Tower. At the Arcane Tower, the group was told that an unknown entity was causing disturbances in the elemental plains and the Shadowfell, attempting to rip a hole in the Shadowfell causing the destruction of the world in the town of Winterhaven. It was clear this was the objective set upon them by the Goothonium government, and the group quickly departed from Goothum.

As they departed from Goothum, they were hailed by a stranger shrouded in a black cloak. The stranger went by the name of Thomas Keeper and was in need of transportation to somewhere North of Gootham in the vicinity of Winterhaven. Even though their suspicion had the better of them, the Tiki Company agreed to give him passage north under the guard of Marcellius and Duran.

Only a couple hours down the road, the company arrived at a fork in the road, with the path to the left leading to a Dwarven Weapon Forge to which Duran greatly desired to go. Upon arrival, Duran darted out of the caravan and, dressed in golden encrusted robes, entered the forge to be greeted by workers as a man of incredibly high stature. Buck, along with Tibles and Marcellius followed Duran into the forge while Mersh and Peregrine stayed with the caravans and after a long, enduring climb up 30 flights of stairs came to a chamber where 5 powerful weapons lay waiting for the Tiki Company to claim them.

For Marcellius, a triple flail with 5 foot long chains and daggers tipping each chain named Lasher. For Tibles, the Arcana Staff, a staff imbued with arcana power (duh). For Buck, a newly designed crossbow that could shoot multiple bolts at once called Shotgun. For Mersh, a hand-crossbow of similar design to Buck’s weapon called Pistol. And for Peregrine, a powerful axe the size of a broadsword called Cleaver. With no weapon for Duran, he was infuriated with his workers and revealed that he was in charge of the weapon forge and was forced to remain behind to pick up the slack of his workers.

After a tearful farewell, the remaining 5 of the company departed for Winterhaven to complete their quest.

Wandering into Winterhaven
Part 7 in Curly's Campaign

Continuing on their journey, the Company soon came upon their destroyed hometown of Artorshade, where the remaining inhabitants began the laborious task of rebuilding their beloved town. As the entered Artorshade, Tibles explained to Buck their adventures in this town and what be felled the people of this town. The Company greeted Artemis as they entered town and told him of their recent adventures and introduced him to Buck.

Artemis told the company of a stranger wandering northwards towards Hephen, and who was once a regular at their pub before its destruction. Upon hearing this news, the meaning of the mysterious O. S. finally became apparent for Peregrine as he rushed to tell the others that it was left by their old foe, Ogden Sadrick. Disturbed by the news that their enemy was heading in the direction of the disturbance in the Shadowfell, the Company made haste for the town of Hephen where they found that a few days ago a man matching Ogden’s description had passed through.

Spending the night in Hephen let the group regroup and recharge and after a good rest in the elven village, the group made way for the village of Winterhaven. After crossing a rotten bridge and traveling through a seemingly never-ending forest, the Company came upon an open plain littered with boulders from nearby mountains. As they passed through the plain, from behind the boulders came a group of lizard-like creatures known as Kobolds, lying in wait for travelers to rob. As they battered and beat the caravans, the Company sprang into action, Tibles quickly laying waste to the minions. Led by the cocky and arrogant Yerk-Offe, the remaining three Kobaulds led a long and enduring battle against the Company until one by one they met their demise by the swords and power of the Tiki Company. With Yerk-Offe’s last breath he told of many more Kobaulds that will avenge his death, and with a grim smirk on his face, fell to the ground, dead. With damaged caravans and threats of another ambush on the road, the Company wasted no time to make for Winterhaven with all their speed and managed to arrive unharmed.

So Much to Do, So Little Time...
Part 8 in Curly's Campaign

As the Company entered the little village of Winterhaven, they were hailed by a guard and after explaining their coming to his village, were directed to the Wrafton’s Inn down the road where they were bound to discover where they needed to go. As they approached the Inn, Buck and Peregrine split off from the group to see the nearby smithy about reinforcing their caravans for future ambushes. After a long, heated, and rather ridiculous argument, Buck and Peregrine convinced the Irish-Dwarven smithy to forge new armor and spikes for their caravans, left to go chop down trees from the forest and began work on their caravans. With Buck’s immense skill in this area, the twosome finished their task and made way for the Inn to join their companions.

Meanwhile, Tibles, Marcellius, and Mersh entered the Inn to be brushed aside by a man storming out of the bar after an argument with another called Valthrun. Marcellius was drawn aside by the shouting of an apparent drunken man, whom upon questioning revealed that he was distressed about a man by the name of Douven whom he had given directions to an old burial site SW of the village. As the drunken, slurred conversation carried on Marcellius discovered that this burial site was rumored to be a dragon’s tomb, and this intrigued Marcellius and was anxious to tell the others. After giving his tidings to Tibles, the three went to question the barmaid if she heard any tales of any disturbances to the north of Winterhaven. After warnings of the monsters that plagued the road ahead, she directed the three to the man named Valthrun, who had information about a keep north of the village, in the area that the disturbance was located. Valthrun, upon learning of why the adventurers had come to Winterhaven, was more than eager to share what he knew of the keep with Tibles, and promised to find out more for the adventurers in his tower located to the west of the inn.

It was at this point that Buck and Peregrine entered the bar, both coming in totally stoned after “celebrating” the completion of the caravans. Even though Buck had sworn to forever keep away from the addicting drug, the presence of Peregrine had finally overcome his oaths, something the proud dragonborn would soon regret. As Marcellius and Tibles struggled to convince Buck and Peregrine to leave the inn and sleep in the caravans until the effects of the marijuana wore off, Buck insisted on staying and waiting it out while a now drunk and high Peregrine returned to his caravan and locked the door, Mersh approached the cloaked stranger sitting in the corner of the bar. While her identity remains unknown, the female elven ranger defeated Mersh in a battle of wit and told Mersh of a death cult that had some dealings in the keep to the north. She also told of a secret cave hidden behind a waterfall high up upon a cliff east and south of Winterhaven where she spotted some of the cult members coming too and fro of. She then suggested that Mersh and Tibles speak to the Lord Padraig in the center of the bar.

Tibles then went and spoke to the Lord Padraig, lord of the lands, and after a little flattery, divulged that the Kobolds have overstepped their bounds and have been taking over the nearby farmlands for their own use. He offered to pay the Tiki Company rather generously if they could rid the Kobold menace from Winterhaven, telling that their lair lay southeast of Winterhaven. With so many new options to consider, the Company bid the lord goodnight, saying they had much to ponder before taking action, and with Buck returned to his senses, insisted on paying the fee for a room for the night out of guilt from his actions.

Killin' Some Kobolds
Part 9 in Curly's Campaign

As the Tiki Company awoke from their sleep into a gray, cloudy day in the town of Winterhaven to find the normally bustling town quiet and desolate. Buck awakes from his sleep in a fierce rage and confronts Peregrine for him tempting Buck into breaking his oath he solemnly kept for 10 long years, and after the dust settles, the Company made way for the village gates to inform the Lord Padraig of their departure to the lair of the Kobolds. After settling a heated argument between the Lord of Winterhaven and a traveling female human, the Company learns that this traveler was sent to aid the Company in their mission north of the small town, and tells them she will await in Wrafton’s Inn for departure.

As the Company travels along the road that led them to Winterhaven, they are once again set upon by a hoard of Kobolds with the intent of revenge for their fallen comrades whose graves lie fresh in the ground. After dispatching of the Kobold troop the Company leaves the road and heads into the wilderness towards the lair. The Company soon arrives at a river surrounded by impenetrable forest that leads to a waterfall, the one and the same the elven ranger told Mersh and Tibles of. After an enduring battle against many a Kobold guard, the Company comes to the base of the waterfall and find a small enchanted circle that increases the strength of those who stand in it.

Upon further inspection of the waterfall, Marcellius notices a small, rocky path leading up behind the waterfall into the lair of the Kobolds. The Company charged into the lair of the notorious Kobolds, and after slaying many a warrior, the leader of the Kobolds, a tall, menacing brute wielding a battleaxe in each hand enters the fray with his elite guard. After a long fierce battle with the Kobold leader and his henchmen, the Company’s enemies began to fall, one by one until the leader was finally struck down, giving one last ominous message before his passing; “Ogden and Lord Orcus, prepare my way…”

With the Kobolds gone and the threat to Winterhaven’s farmers defeated at last, the Tiki Company begins to divvy up the spoils of their labors, and as Buck looks over the dead body of the Kobold leader, he finds a key opening the small chest in the back room containing 500 GP and a Ruby Ring, as well as a small note in a pouch around the fallen leader’s neck. The note addressed to a mysterious Kalarlel, and read “Our spy in Winterhaven suggests to keep an eye out for visitors. It is probably nothing, and will probably be safe to open the rift completely. They people of Winterhaven will be food for the servants that Lord Orcus sends me. – O.S.”


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