The Tiki Company's Epic adventure Great Job!

Treasure and Traps
Part 6 - Written by Tibles
After a traumatic experience with many a pitfall, we took a moment to catch our breath only to hear a monster of great size climbing up the newly formed pit made by Belarin and I. Fearing the worst, Buck, Boris, and Belarin combined their strength to open the great door ahead of us to no avail. Buck drew Polaris, and broke a small hole in the door and found wooden supports preventing our progression, so I used my magic to burn the supports and, now weakened, allowed the others to break the door down amongst flame and spider.

Safe on the other side, I turned to see 12 horrific black eyes staring through the doorway at each and every one of us, and unable to pursue us, its prey, returned to the depths of the cave for now… Now safe, the others took a moment of pause whilst I looked into the new hallway we had entered. The others tried to talk to the woman we had saved, but hysteric and frightened, she had nothing to say and ended up crying in Peregrine’s arms while we took the opportunity to search the room and the four doors it held. I proceeded forwards onto a sandy floor and found strong wooden boards going halfway in, which was then proven for sure as Belarin broke through the wood, revealing this cave is sitting on a lava pool.

The first door on the left led to a weapon armory, where Belarin was able to resupply himself after losing a saber after falling into the pit. The second room on the right was blocked off by a wall of wires, and, in my enthusiasm, cut one which led to a chain reaction of a cave in, leaving only a small platform in the center of the room holding a treasure chest and gold, and the total cave in of the weapon room. I jumped onto the platform and took as much gold as could fit into one of Buck’s burlap sacks, disturbing the careful balance of the platform sending me falling almost to my death. I was able to open the chest and found a ruby-embedded golden crown and Fey Step away before the trap was able to activate. Meanwhile, Buck, trying to help, set off yet another trap leading to some of the floor changing to a set of ruins which when read, meant death would come to the reader, which was Buck.

While all of this was going on, Boris did nothing of value and stood in the corner while Belarin continued forward into the hall and Peregrine continued to comfort the sobbing woman. Fearful of setting off more traps, Buck rushed forwards, thinking all was well, and gestured us to come forwards only to disappear into the sand, quick as lightning. I fear for his safety, as well as the rest of ours as we continue the hunt for Captain Krogan.


The Pitfalls of Dweller's Isle
Part 5 - Written by Tibles
As we continued into the cave, it became apparent that the flooring of the cave became increasingly unstable and dangerous rapidly. We soon found ourselves in a dark hallway where a good portion of the floor had caved in and what remained looked to be weak and not able to support much weight. Peregrine and I, light on our feet, were able to c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y walk and Fey Step our way to the other side where I tied a chain to a pole for the others to come across. Belarin Urthador took the chain in his hands and began to walk across to us, but, the cavern floor being unable to support any more, began to collapse. Luckily he held fast to the chain and was able to scurry up to me and Peregrine. After Belarin came, Boris made his way and finally Buck, being the heaviest of us all, used the chain and both clambered up the cliff face to join us.

Across the chasm, we found two rooms, the first containing golden spiders which Belarin soon began to remove and a whirlpool of water spiraling down into darkness. In the second room, Buck and I found a chest in the middle of a foggy atmosphere and much to our surprise hid another pit (spikes and impaled bodies at the bottom) surrounding the gold and chest. Buck and I inched our way over to the chest to find it and the gold to be false, a trap for hapless spelunkers such as ourselves. Belarin then managed to stir up a nest of spiders which flowed out of the room into the main hallway like a black flood. I was able to use my torch and some magic to burn all of the spiders until none remained, and as the fire extinguished, we all heard a blood-curdling scream of anger and hatred which drove us to flee the area and continue on into the cave.

In the next room we found a group of pirates, deep in discussion, and didn’t notice our entrance giving us the element of surprise. We fell upon the clueless group of pirates, Belarin and I on a catwalk and the others below until only one young female pirate was left sobbing in the corner. As the last pirate fell, the catwalk supporting Belarin and I collapsed revealing yet another bottomless pit. I was able to jump off the collapsing structure just in the nick of time, but Belarin was not so fortunate as he plummeted into the inky blackness as he heard an eerily familiar scream. I threw my grappling hook down after my plummeting friend, but he missed the hook and brave little Peregrine jumped down after him with a grappling hook of his own and, grabbing onto the first, caught Belarin and with great endurance, held steady as Buck reeled the two in.


Entering Dweller's Isle
Part 4 - Written by Buck this time
After the empress finished givin' us free stuff, we were crammed onto a little sailboat and sent off to a place called Dweller's Isle. I think we're off to kill some pirate captain or some such, but Tibles started to ignore me halfway through the trip, so I ain't really sure why we're here. Either way, we got off the ship n' started asking around for a man named Captain Krogan. Our search led us to the nearest bartender, who talked about secret codes or some nonsense, and then he pointed at a cave. We made our way over to the cave, and went on inside. It opened onto a big room filled with water, and a little path leading deeper inside. There were a couple pirates inside, and before they noticed us, Tibles decided to try sneaking up on them, but his clothes started to melt when he jumped in the water. He shouted 'fey step' in a really loud voice, and suddenly he was standing beside me again, smellin' like burned leather. The pirates saw us, an' we were forced to kill em. Somethin' wasn't right, though. We found newly opened arrow wounds on some of the guards, and the arrows had Lavanda military emblems on them. As we continued down the hall, we met somethin' worse than pirates. A group of Gnolls blocked our paths. Belarin n' I put the smack-down on 'em while Tibles n' Peregrine shot from behind. Boris threw some pretty heavy swings, but he didn't have the rhythm to hit anyone with that axe. Was a tough battle, but we made it. We're gonna rest a bit before movin' on.

-Richard J. Buckles
The Empress of Lavanda
Part 3 in Crazy's Campaign

Updated Party:
Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan, Peregrine, Richard J. Buckles, Belarin Urthador, Borris Hans Gruber

It was not a restful night that the Tiki Company had hoped to spend in the inn at Port 34. Dreams of murder, mayhem, and death awaited each member of the Company as they began to drift off. However, one by one the Company awoke from their frightful evening spent at the port and began their search for some transport to Lavanda. Their first search led them to the port where the dragonborn shipping airship had disappeared and another stood in its place. The captain of this ship readily agreed to allow Buck, Belarin, and Boris passage, but because of his need to keep his reputation, especially among his crew members, was resistant to allow Tibles or Peregrine onto his vessel. After some negotiation, Tibles and Peregrine agreed to come onto the ship as “prisoners” along with two others seeking transport to Lavanda.

In the brig of the airship, the captain apologized for his actions and bed the Company a relaxing trip, and introductions were made between the Tiki Company and two others traveling to Lavanda from Goothum. The first was a rather mysterious girl, who warily told them she was a member of the Lavandran royal family and was traveling with her friend Bonnie, a halfling. Peregrine quickly took to Bonnie and vice versa, and were sad to part ways upon reaching Lavanda as a carriage awaited the Tiki Company upon arrival and escorted them to the royal palace.

At the royal palace, the Company were given the pleasure of meeting her royal highness the Empress of Lavanda whom had only recently taken the throne after her mother’s death. She bade them find and dispose of the pirate lord Commodore Krogan whom had been attacking Lavandran courier ships and while platoon after platoon of soldiers journeyed out to stop them, none had returned alive. The Company agreed to aid the Empress in her hour of need and in return, she supplied them with whatever equipment they needed including oil flasks, rope, flasks, and alchemic formulas and materials.

The Call to Duty
Part 2 in Crazy's Campaign

Refreshed and renewed, the newly formed Tiki Company awoke to the knocking of Goothonium soldiers at the door, who brought tidings of soldiers from a foreign land in search of them and awaiting them at the town hall. Once dressed and fed, the Tiki Company made way for town hall to find the people their bustling about in an unusual fashion, muttering and whispering as the group of adventurers entered their hall. Concerned about who these mysterious soldiers may be, Peregrine and Tibles stealthily made their way to where they awaited the Tiki Company’s arrival, and learned that these soldiers came from the royal army of Lavanda.

After informing the others of whom the soldiers were, the Company greeted the soldiers and their Captain, and after trading introductions, the Captain gave the Company a message from H.R.H. Empress of Lavanda requesting their aid. The Company knew that a message of aid from the Empress of Lavanda was nothing to turn down, so they agreed to help, and after gathering their things at Buck’s smithy, they said farewell to Mersh, as he wished to stay behind and make amends in Goothum. The Company then made way for the city gates and in the company of the soldiers, made way for Nailo Harbor, a port town east of Goothum.

The Company in company of the Lavandran soldier quickly set sail for Port 34 upon reaching Nailo Harbor, and after reaching port, separated ways after giving the Company the password to reach Lavanda safely. After wandering around town, the Tiki Company found themselves at the Black Travern, where they inquired about where to find a good captain to pilot a ship to Lavanda and also learned about a group in town illegally shipping captured dragons to Bishk. After some discussion, Buck left the Black Travern and headed towards port with Peregrine at his heels, and found an enormous airship where a group of elves were placing their cargo of dragons on the ship.

Tibles joined the duo, and with a little help from his magic and Buck’s bluffing skills, the trio was able to impersonate some of the crew, and were successfully able to get on board of the ship where the crew got Buck mistaken with their captain, who was also a dragonborn. After a little bit of sly talk, Buck was able to speak with one of the dragons that was captured by the elven thugs. Buck vowed to the dragon, named Kasene, that he would free him and his brethren, but was then stopped in his heroic actions by the real captain, who advised Buck against any rash actions. Buck, Peregrine, and Tibles were set free from airship unscathed, but despite their efforts, the dragons on board that ship remained captured, and the Company was forced to abandon their hopes for now, and focus on the task that was once again set before them.

The Third Arc
The Start of Crazy's Campaign

1. Boris Hans Gruber
Current Party:
Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan, Mersh, Peregrine, Richard J. Buckles, Belarin Urthador

As the Tiki Company finally sets out from the now destroyed village of Winterhaven, they approach the area on the road they were previously ambushed. As they continued on the road, the Company soon heard the galloping of hooves behind them and turned to see a tall, young goliath riding on horseback with great speed towards them, shouting for them to halt. As the Company halts, the stranger dismounts from his steed and introduces himself as Borris Hans Gruber, and claimed to have had a vision leading him to Marcellius who then pointed him in the direction of the Tiki Company.

After some questioning about Boris’ past and motives, the Company agrees to take the young goliath into their group and continues on their path to Goothum. Upon entering Goothum, the Company heads to the Arcane Tower and City Hall to report the completion of their quest, and after doing so, make a quick detour to the Chapel of Bahamut, and after some negotiating with the high priest, sell Bahamut’s Divine Greatsword back to the church for a moderate price of 10,000gp.

After finishing their errands around town, the Tiki Company returns to Buck’s smithy where Tibles uses the money earned from selling the Claymore to further supply the Company with new weapons and Bags of Holding for the entire of the Company. Now in the safety of Buck’s smithy in Goothum, the Tiki Company finally takes a long deserved rest.

Wandering out of Winterhaven
Epilogue of Curly's Campaign

As the Company descended from the dizzying heights of the Astral Sea, they came upon the survivors of Winterhaven beginning the long, laborious process of burying the dead and rebuilding their quaint little village. The Company landed and parted way yet again with Duran Duran and left to do their part in putting the dead to rest, burying those changed into the undead legions in the keep and Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan telling Artemis of the events that transpired in the town of Winterhaven. After a long day’s work, the Tiki Company attended a ceremony to honor the dead and put them to rest.

While Marcellius attempted to make a speech of his own, the priest hosting the ceremony denied him the right, stating he was a poor cleric and holy man and had no right to speak at this evening’s ceremony. Shocked, Marcellius sat down among his companions only to attempt to make a speech regardless of the priest’s wishes only to be knocked unconscious by Tibles and looted by Mersh. Their respects paid, the Company then set off to make camp for the night and rest for what was to come.

The next morning, Tibles awoke from his trance in a cold sweat, having yet another vision of the assassin he knew as Alexis Machine whom he saw accepting a new target from the Church, Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan. Greatly disturbed by what he saw, Tibles attempted to calm his mind by walking throughout town, in hopes of finding Artemis only to come to the late tower of Valthrun, where Tibles payed his final respects to the fallen wizard by sealing his tower from those that would defile it. After returning to the camp, Tibles found the others awake and ready to make preparations to leave only to be told from the villagers to take what they found fair pay for their labors. Buck, Marcellius, Peregrine, and Mersh departed to take enough gold to acquire some new riding horses after the death of their own at the hand of Kalarlel while Tibles went to ask Artemis to find out as much as he could about Alexis Machine.

At a nearby farm, each member of the Tiki Company found and acquired a new horse and each a new friend that would last with them for a long time in their lives. Belarin who arrived ahead of time had already acquired a new warhorse he named Ricoran, while Buck took for himself a large and almost red colored horse he named Walter. Mersh took a white horse spotted black he named Gomez, Peregrine a pure brown horse he named Ranon, Marcellius a palamino horse who greatly disliked Marcellius he called Jackass, and Tibles took for himself a horse as black as night he named Nightingale. As the Company prepared to finally depart from Winterhaven, Marcellius decided to remain in the town and clear his name in the eyes of the religious people in Ashen by helping in the reconstruction of Winterhaven.

After a short farewell, Marcellius ran off into the city to aid in whatever way he could while the remaining members of the Tiki Company, along with new steeds and a new companion, rode off into the sunset on their way to Gootham [citation needed], ready to face whatever challenges Fate may have in store, and to overcome them, together.

The Final Battle and A Narrow Escape
Part 14 in Curly's Campaign

The Company fell through a space of nothingness after entering the portal in the keep and found themselves in a new room, a giant pool of blood in the center of the room draining into grates in the floor, a statue of the Lord Orcus, a portal to Hell, and Kalarlel reading from a magic tome across from where the party entered. After an exchange of words and a challenge of Buck, the epic fight between the forces of good and evil begins, and the first to fall is the wight form of Thomas Keeper, a man sent to spy on the Tiki Company who was betrayed by his own master.

After a challenging battle in the pool of blood, at last Kalarlel fell, his fullblade clattering on the ground, and as the battle seemed to be over and won, the black portal became clear as black tendrils reached out and dragged the lifeless body of Kalarlel into the portal, only to be replaced by a monster of such ferocity and might, that the Tiki Company was frozen in fear and awe. The new monstrosity that stood before them was the mighty and terrifying Aspect of Destruction of the Lord Orcus, the Balor! Wielding electric sword in one hand and fire whip in the other, the Balor came upon our heroes, his power and might smiting all in its path. The group drew it out of its summoning circle and as Clare Trannyth fell into the abyss from the might of this creature, all hope seemed lost until, by miraculous chance, an airship piloted by none other than Duran Duran broke through the floor of the chamber in the Astral Sea and opened fire upon the monstrosity.

Clare at the bow, wielding a new sword after hers was destroyed in the battle, and Duran at the helm, the Tiki Company quickly climbed aboard the ship as Duran laid waste to the room and Balor, escaping the chamber just before the Balor exploded, taking the chamber with it. On deck, recovering from their experience, the Tiki Company was briefly reunited with Duran-Duran and his new accomplice, a paladin by name of Belarin, a man with no past and a brown leather cloak covering his left arm. He explained he was originally part of Duran’s renegade militia, but was now wishing to travel in the company of our heroes, swearing his allegiance to them.

The Calm Before the Storm
Part 13 in Curly's Campaign

With new found comrades Clare and Valthrun, Tibles and Peregrine return to their friends in the keep and inform them of the tragedy that happened outside in Winterhaven, to their horror. After all is told, Valthrun approached the sealed door and conjures all the magic at his disposal and channels it into one gigantic burst of magical energy that breaks the seal on the door. The door slowly opens, and as the others watch in amazement at the power of Valthrun, he stumbles forwards, stating he did more than he expected, and falls to the ground, dead.

The trauma seemed to have taken its toll on Buck, as the moment Valthrun fell, Buck seemed to have lost grip on reality, crouched in a ball form on the ground mumbling in-comprehensive words to himself. As he comes to, he tells Tibles he was in a space surrounded by purple flames, and saw Valthrun who promised him power if he signed a document, and as Valthrun began to disappear, he changed form into an Eladrin. Tibles soon realized that Buck had signed a Fey Pact, and in doing so would soon be bound to the Fey creature’s bidding.

After a short and hurried burial for Valthrun, the Company prepares for the final battle, and Peregrine displaying his skill in acrobatics, breaks the wooded door beyond the stone door, the last standing obstacle between them and Kalarlel. The door gone, Clare boldly charges through the Company into the portal before them, and as Buck rallies the Company, he inspires them with words of confidence and friendship, the Company draw sword, mace, and staff, and enter the portal, ready for anything that they may face.

The Wasteland of Winterhaven
Part 12 in Curly's Campaign

With the impassable door standing tall, blocking their path, the Company agrees to split up, with Buck, Marcellius, and Mersh remaining behind to keep a stronghold in the keep, and Peregrine and Tibles depart for Winterhaven to enlist the aid of Valthrun. As Peregrine and Tibles make their way into Winterhaven, they find the gates to the town swung open and trails of blood leading into the now ruined village. Advancing to Valthrun’s tower, Tibles and Peregrine are stopped by the elven ranger recognized from the Inn, Nirnaran, with 2 Grayhounds at her heels.

Despite Tibles and Peregrine’s efforts to avoid a battle, the pair are soon forced to take action and attack the treacherous ranger. After a mighty display of magical power from Tibles and the nimble slashes from Peregrine, soon Nirnaran and her group of the undead are soon killed, and vengeance for the slaughtered townspeople has been fulfilled. Before she died, Nirnaran reveals that the zombies and undead the Company slew in the keep were the bodies of the townsfolk, including that of the dwarven smithy, who’s awesome strength was not enough to save himself.

With their foe dispatched, Tibles finds a note on the corpse of Nirnaran revealing she was a servant of Kalarlel, and was given her power after completing a ritual given to her by her master, and a phrase written on the note that would supposedly remove the magic barrier preventing the Company’s progression into the Keep. As Tibles ponders the events to come, Peregrine searches for any survivors in the former town of Winterhaven, and finds the barmaid and many others slain in the Inn, and to his own horror, finds the horses of his caravan slain, those that he raised from birth. Not convinced entirely, Tibles and Peregrine head to Valthrun’s Tower and find him stooped over the unconscious body of Clare, injured in the battle for Winterhaven. After informing Valthrun of the situation, he awakes Clare and the four make haste for the keep, with a new fire burning in their eyes to avenge the innocent slain this day.


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