Buck's Enchanted Hammer

weapon (melee)

The ugliest weapon imaginable. Polaris is covered with dried spatterings of blood, chunks of flesh, and fresh puss. It is charred black, and smells of burned flesh.

Polaris is simply a +1 Earth Breaker that grants the wielder a +1 competence bonus to Intimidate checks.


Polaris was the enchanted Maul that Buck used during the ’tar war. He found it in a locked chest at a Yantar military post. It has won him many battles, and become something of a signature weapon over the years.

During Buck’s time in the Lavandan military, he was granted special permission to use his Maul, rather than the standard spear-and-buckler load out of his peers. The weapon became a symbol of victory to the troops. A painting stands in the Lavandan royal castle of Buck, standing with Polaris raised high, about to break the lock on a massive cage containing an imprisoned Brass Dragon.


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